Our History:

A product or a service is defined as: “Anything that is capable of satisfying customer needs

Whether you are a manufacturer looking for help in overflow time, a company looking for additional resources, or a business looking to outsource your key prototyping areas- whatever the case, we have resources and solutions for you!

ApparelOrb, after serving the Indian & Overseas apparel industry with unique and efficient Pattern Making, Sampling and 3d fit rendering services from last five years, now introduce you to the same product line which makes each stage of your tasks more interesting, efficient, energetic and production oriented, which makes you love using your gadgets that are laden with latest technology making your drive easy and result oriented, which obviously adds more points to your performance.

This page is for one and all who are always on a lookout for innovative and technologic solutions to improve functioning at each stage.

Pattern and Sampling rooms are the technical base of apparel industry, customize it as per nature of your product stream and rest everything will fall in-line by itself. A good technician is as good as the tools that he is operating with. Productivity DOES NOT improve by just adding any CAD solution to your work place, it should be something that works smart. Evaluate it thoroughly before picking up just anything from the market.

It is never too late, we are there by your side at every stage and with reasonable investment budgets. Just ask for it, and we will work it out for you. We at ApparelOrb don’t just commit out of thin air, it is the experience of almost a decade and a half now, that we put in while suggesting something to our clients — no wonder all that investment is of your hard earned money to make your dreams come true.

Our Philosophy:

To Solve all your Apparel related needs at a single Place.