CAD/CAM Solutions for Apparel Industry


CAD Room Hardware — Inkjet Plotters, Vertical Cutter plotter, Flatbed cutter plotters, Digitizer, Photo Digitizer.

Cuttong Room Equipment — CAM, Spreader, Automatic Fabric laying machine

Fabric room — Fabric checking machines, Band knife machines, Automatic end cutter machines.

Pattern and Sampling rooms are the technical base of apparel industry, customize it as per nature of your product stream and rest everything will fall in-line by itself. A good technician is as good as the tools that he is operating with. Productivity DOES NOT improve by just adding any CAD solution to your work place; it should be something that works smart. Evaluate it thoroughly before picking up just anything from the market.

Our products are manufactured by introducing superior techniques in the field of machinery and software that come into being by years of experience, feedback from customers, research, experimentation & technological innovations. The single driving focus being on continuous improvement & up-gradation of the products with the most efficient engineering procedures.

Our products will thus always help you to keep pace with advanced technology within moderate investments.

We offer plotters in variable plotting widths & speeds to meet different industrial needs. keeping in mind the needs & hindrances faced by the apparel manufacturers and design studio workshops.

Each ApparelOrb products are subjected to severe production tests at inspections to ensure our customers complete trust & peace of mind. All these steps are followed so that our products can withstand high stress levels under long work hours.

We also assure efficient after sales service to our customers to maintain long term relations and generate company and product goodwill.


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