File Conversion/ CAD Implementation

Apparel CAD Implenemtation :-

At Apparelorb we understand how critically important it is to successfully implement best practices in various department. Avail of our implementation services to accelerate speed to market using the latest CAD tools. Train your staff to use CAD optimally or use our consultancy service to ascertain areas of improvement and empower your workforce with the right tools for creativity and productivity.

File Conversion & Plotting/Printing :-

No matter which CAD system your files are made on. We can read and print them all. Our file conversion service can import (read) and Export (write) pattern files in any of the popular apparel CAD formats (more then 20 formats). You can be assured that every vendor or buyer gets exactly the same pattern (base pattern or graded and nested patterns) within minutes. You do not have to send paper patterns anymore.